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Are you considering starting a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant? Becoming a CNA may be easier than you would think, and much more affordable too! We understand that not everyone has the time available to take long, drawn out courses. We all have other responsibilities which limit the amount of time we can invest into a long program.

This is why Prestige Medical Solutions solved this issue by offering new, exciting, and innovative solutions to becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in New Jersey. You will graduate from this program and ready to start your new career in no time at all . In addition to your 90 hour course requirement, we have implemented a revolutionary online portal into our program which can be accessed from the comfort and convenience of your home or anywhere an internet connection is available.

Prestige hosts three levels of CPR for the public:

  • CPR/First Aid
    -This includes Adult, Child, Infant, and AED

  • BLS
    -We host both the skills/challenge and the full course

  • ACLS
    -We host both the skill/challenge and the full course

Please call the school at 1-800-880-1560 to find our upcoming courses and their location. For a fee of $30 you could schedule your own private course at a time that best fits your challenging schedule. 

You can gain information pertaining to registering and obtaining your temporary card with NJSP at :


Our instructors will assist you to ensure you are compliant. 

If you would like to register, but make payment over the phone please use promo-code: CALL. For additional information pertaining to our numerous campuses and other courses please call 1-800-800-1560. As a reminder Enrollment/Application Fees are non-refundable.